Friday, May 15, 2009


I have always been one to try ALMOST anything when it comes to cosmetics..... My mom has always bought stuff from Avon, like their lotions and lipsticks, and I always liked getting the chapsticks or glosses, I've always been a gloss whore! lol Anyways when they came out with MARK, I was excited to see a line that appealed more to a younger crowd, so of course I had to try their shadows, personally I think they're pretty good for the price, they're only $4.50 and they're really big. I recently purchased the Rebel Rose quad for $9, not bad, for 4 shadows. Also to me they are pretty pigmented and with a good base, last all day. I have so many M.A.C shadows I shouldn't even be buying these, but I can't resist!!! haha
Check out the website:
(Read the feedback people have left)
P.S. I'm not a great photographer so don't mind the blurry photo!!! ; )
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From left to right: Rebel(matte white) Saucy(blackened purple) Corset(Dark Grey) Luvstruck(Pink)


  1. yeah they are pretty good, i'm going to buy more to check them out! ; )