Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shopping my stash!

Well I'm trying so hard not to buy any makeup right now, unless I absolutely need it!! I'm only allowing myself to buy like foundation, mascara, stuff like that!
So I pulled out some stuff I have forgotten about it, and I'm glad I did, my picture shows no justice how beautiful this look really is!! If you have these products or similar products I suggest you try it out!! :)

On my lid I have pussycat by Bare minerals blended up into the crease a bit, then MAC soft brown to blend that out , saddle to deepen crease and Brown Down in outer V, such a beautiful look, and I just went with a flat brown eye liner from Mark cosmetics, I used Painterly paint pot as a primer! I'm also wearing MAC's Warm Soul blush! Loved this look!! Like I said my picture sucks! I need better lighting!! It's just to give an idea, it's seriously sooooo pretty!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Favs!

Naked pigment
Naked palette
Warm Soul blush
MAC 109
MUFE Aqua Smoky lash
Soft brown
Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wet n Wild

So I've been hearing a lot of good things about the new Wet n Wild eye shadows and palettes, so I decided to pick one up, it's the Sugar plum fairy from the holiday collection. It also came with a purple liner.

Here are some swatches:

Here's another picture of swatches, the 2 purples above original swatches are MAC dupes, the purple on the right middle of the palette is very similar to MAC's Trax eye shadow. The one on the right bottom of the palette is similar to Beauty Marked by MAC. AND the purple on the bottom left of the palette is like Parfait Amor from MAC. What do you think?
The Wet N Wild are swatched in a line over Painterly paint pot from MAC, the MAC swatches are just over bare skin. The one on the far right MAC Beauty Marked is swatched underneath it. Sorry I'm not the best "swatcher" :)

All in all I'd say these palettes are ok for $5, check them out. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


MAC Blush palette

Left to right:
Sweet as Cocoa, Margin (favorite), X-rocks (le), Strada, Dollymix

MAC blushes

Left to right:
Tippy (le), Fun & Games (le), Grand Duo (le)
Bottom row
left to right:
Superduper-natural (le), Warm Soul, Light over Dark (le)


Stereo Rose, and By Candlelight

Other blushes

Top is NARS Orgasm/Laguna Bronzer
Bottom MARK blushes
Left is Cameo Glo, right is After Glo

I'd have to say the ones I use the most are Margin, Warm Soul, and Superduper-natural, oh and Orgasm.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I've been on the hunt for a vintage vanity that I could re-paint and fix just the way I like, some that I've come across are way too much, or not what I've been wanting, well my aunt was getting rid of this one, and I thought it was cute and perfect for now, I want to paint it black, and give it a vintage twist, and reupholster the seat with a zebra print or something like that. I love it and think it's cute, although in the future I still want to find one that I've imagined in my head, you know the one's that have drawers on each side of it....until then, I do think this is cute and will work. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010


Lately I've been having a thing for bows!! Anything with a bow, I've got to have it! ;)
Well I saw this cute Guess cosmetic bag and knew it would be mine! This is the makeup bag I carry in my purse, I love it cause it's small, but big enough to carry the essentials with you AND if you're going out or just don't feel like taking your whole purse this is cute enough to carry as a clutch and fit your cards and cell phone in!! I love it! It comes in other colors also, black, a pale gold, and lilac. I always buy black, but loved this pewter color. This can be found at Macy's. :)

As you can see I'm only using one side for now. I don't want to over stuff it! :)
I love how it's clear also so you can find stuff easily.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Neutral MAC palette

(Click to enlarge) :)

Top row (L to R):
Dazzelight, Kid, Cork, Quarry, Saddle, Mulch, Sable

2nd row:
Femmi-Fi(le), Texture, Expresso, Woodwinked, Twinks, Bronze, All that Glitters

3rd row:
Wedge, Ricepaper, Sketch, Smoke & Diamonds (le),Black Tied, Brown Down

4th row:
Naked lunch, Soft brown, Signed Sealed (le), Embark, Print, Club

This holds 26 shadows when you take divider out.

I put this together so that if I had to only take one palette with me, I could do numerous amount of looks with it, I love it!

Favorites are :Cork, Sable, Texture, All that Glitters, Brown Down, Soft brown & print. (But really I love them all) :)

I use Expresso for my eyebrows.

What's in your MAC neutral palette?? :)