Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zebra nails

My first post, and it's about NAILS!! ;))
I love, love, love Zebra print! I found these pictures from the first time I did my own nails......I was so proud! 1. because I always used to bite my nails (yeah I know gross habit) and I have stopped biting and have been letting them grow. 2. I did the nail art all by myself. I have to say I think I did a good job for my first time! ; ) All you need is your favorite pink nail polish, a black nail polish, and stripe white paint (which you can get at Sally's Beauty) I like the brush cause it's a long, thin brush great for stripes, hence the name! lol Anyways just apply your favorite base before you begin, then polish your whole nail pink, or whatever color you'd like ; ), let it dry for a few minutes, then apply the black to the tip of the nail, let it dry, then do your zebra stripes!! The pictures kind of suck cause my camera phone sucks, but you get the idea ; )

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