Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Overdosing in makeup!!!!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in makeup??? I mean as makeup addicts, and I say addicts because obviously we are ADDICTED to everything that shines, that's bright, that has glitter, that's glossy, that makes our faces even more pretty than what they already are ;) I mean do you ever feel like "whoa this is crazy!!" on how much makeup you own. I always try to organize my makeup and it always ends up like the pic above, And that's nothing, it's in my bathroom drawers, in those plastic storage containers, and anywhere else I can find to put it in!! Will the makeup I own now ever be enough!?! No! because I'm already thinking on what I want to buy for the fall and all the pretty things coming out already!!! I'm starting to feel like I have OCD with makeup and that I must own EVERY SINGLE THING that MAC or STILA or Benefit, or which ever brand it may be, makes!!!! Anyone else feel this way???


  1. omg! i have been feeling the same way for the longest time. man, i have sooo much makeup and every time its time to clean it or organize it i dont know where to start and how to start and it becomes one big mess.

  2. lol , i definately understand that!!! it's so hard not to buy new stuff though, especially when MAC is always coming out with new collections!!! lol